We're always on the lookout for an additional contract pilot. 

Low altitude oblique aerial photography flying C210. Experienced only. 

WANTED, NW Indiana an additional part-time contract pilot wanted to fly as needed, could be as much as 10-14 days per month away from home, flying Cessna 210 for oblique aerial photography. Ideal candidate should be within 200 miles of C98, have high performance experience being able to fly "seat of the pants" while looking outside the airplane, turning around a point. Should be comfortable flying right seat. The aircraft is trimmed to fly at about 75-80 knts while over target, gear up, usually no flaps. We fly in good wx VFR, usually with flight following, however you should be comfortable flying occasional IMC if needed. Commercial, good slow flight stick and rudder skills, engine temp mgnt, good radio skills required. Occasional work inside class B. We do fly in busy airspace as needed. Familiarity with garmin 430W, garmin 696 with xm wx, Garmin inreach tracker, Stratus2, real-time weather, and synthetic vision, Foreflight. Most photography done at about 1000agl. then we climb a bit and fly to next target. Min 1000 hrs TT, 200 hrs high perf retract time. Commercial with current instrument rating. Photographer is also pilot, shooting from left seat calling out headings and distances. Redundant GPS with waypoints on right side (garmin 696) $400 day + meals and hotels paid on flight days, $200/day + meals and hotels on no flight days. No regular schedule, we fly on short notice when the wx is good moving from state to state. We base out of NW Indiana, you should live within 200 miles of our home base, or we can come to your local airport and pick you up.  Apply by fax or email. 877-684-7500 or artistinthesky@gmail.com