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We send you a postcard after taking your order.
The postcard we send you has three main purposes:
 1. It asks: "Have you seen the site map our scheduling team sent to you?"
 IF you did not receive your site map PLEASE CALL 877-684-7500 and let us know immediately.
(We want to make sure we have your location and shooting instructions correct.)
2. The postcard has a special customer only web-link on it that will allow you to check
our current shooting sequence and check our aircraft location.
   We use an Inreach satellite tracker in the aircraft which updates our aircraft
movements. This creates an online web-link you can access if you want to
see how close we are getting to you. Once we get near your state you
can monitor our movements, and prepare for your photography if you want. 
(move vehicles around in your car lot, etc)
Aerial photography is extremely weather sensitive. We need acceptable
atmospheric conditions to do your job. Usually we need to jump around
a bit in a sequence that might not seem logical. We work in about 30
different states and weather can delay us often.
 We carefully plan our days so we can shoot multiple
projects when we have acceptable shooting weather.
If your situation requires you to know the day we shoot advise
our scheduler---we can tag your project to send you an email
the evening before we intend to shoot.
We are working outdoors and dealing with the vagaries of mother nature.
And sometimes the forecast does not hold. 
We can move our portable satellite tracker to any aircraft we use, either Cessna airplane, or helicopter.
Use the special web link on your postcard to see where we are currently flying.
3. If you receive your postcard we know we have your address correct. This
is important because your package will be sent to the same address we
mailed your postcard to. If you need to have your package shipped to a
different address please let us know.
After your project is photographed we ship your package. Your images
are burned to data DVDs ready for your use. We ship the disks in a padded
envelope with USPS tracking.
You get all of the images the camera captures with copyright to you. 
 This allows you to make beautiful high quality enlargements at
any photo finisher. These days many of our clients use the one hour
services at Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, etc. They all do a nice job
with our big high resolution files.
A 20x30 enlargement at Costco is only about $10 dollars and
has stunning quality because we are shooting with 50 megapixel cameras.
 We do high end work, not drone work. You can see the difference
when you compare our work to others.
Our big files allow high quality enlargements to 40x60 inches.
Don't have a computer to see your images? No problem. Walk into any Super
Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, or Walgreens photo center and insert your
DVD into the media player on the counter, view your images, crop as desired, and make
low cost enlargements for your business or family members.
If you have problems the clerk behind the counter will be happy to assist you. 
Easy, here's how.
And since you own all of your digital files you can use your
pictures in your business advertising, post to social media, use your photos
on the web, make unlimited enlargements. The choice is yours.
Thanks for your order, we'll get you some nice shots.
  (we have recently upgraded our phone system to all digital VOIP)