Waiting for the haze to lift at Gnoss Field, Novato California. Another day in the life of artistinthesky...



People often ask us why they didn't get their location photographed on the date or exactly at the time they requested. Well, I'm just going to tell you the truth. We want to provide you with good quality photographs. And more than anything else, the atmospheric weather controls the quality of the image you see. Many photographers will go out and shoot in low visibility conditions and your photos will really suffer because of that. Atmospheric haze in urban areas is a real problem. Moisture in the air is another problem. Turbulence is another problem. Folks, conditions need to be good for good images, and conditions vary from day to day, and hour to hour...and that's just the way it is...



Don't blame me, blame mother nature.



Sometimes conditions can look OK to you when you are standing on the ground. Then you go up in the air and it's not so good. Or the air can be so rough it shakes the fillings out of your teeth, and the camera gyros can't correct it and pix are blurry. Aviation visibility is different from visibility on the ground. We need a minimum of ten miles aviation visibility at low levels to make nice photos. We need fairly smooth air. And we wait for it, and wait, and wait. My grandparents were farmers. I remember my grandfather waiting for the perfect day to cut the alfalfa and bale it. He told me you have to "make hay when the sun shines". Pretty much the same thing with aerial photography if you want to do good work.



So be patient. Let us do our thing. We give you a two-three week window when we will be shooting in your area. It is very rare that it will rain every day for that period of time. In 1996 we had low haze in California's central valley for 10 straight days. Could not shoot anything around Fresno. Lots of clients were complaining...waiting.



We had our pilots sitting in motels and hanging out at airports...waiting. My cellphone rings..."hey artistinthesky, where's my pix?"



So listen to me now. Do you want good clear pictures? Do you want the most beautiful pictures of your place you've ever seen? Do you want the very best? Do you want pix your grandchildren can look at when you are gone, and tell your story?



Then relax. And let us do our job.



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